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Alex Hurtado


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Alex is a founding Partner at Collective and serves as the Principal-In-Charge of Design.  He is especially involved in building the foundation for CA’s understanding of the client’s needs and leading the design team to solutions that meet the aesthetic and budgetary goals for the project.  Alex’s commitment to understanding each client is evident in the diverse design solutions in the firm’s portfolio.


Alex graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Architecture and later returned to his alma mater as a professor where his two decades of experience helped shape the future generation, some of whom are now Collective employees.

Charles Plymale


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Charles is a founding Partner at Collective and runs the day-to-day operations of the firm.  As such he is responsible for CA’s commitment to the client, attends all major presentations, and coordinates the firms operations.  With 30 years’ experience Charles brings guidance and leadership to projects that benefits the client and the broader project team.


Charles began his career after attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture.

Olivia Millar


+1 202 683 2568


Olivia joined Collective in 2016 when she merged her firm with CA.  As the Principal-In-Charge of Operations Olivia ensures that appropriate resources are allocated to the project and that the project parameters are being considered at all stages of the effort.  Olivia guides the team from beginning to end, oversees coordination of the extended team, and supports the project team as required.


Olivia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Masters in Interior Design from George Washington University where she was a Presidential Art Scholar.

Gretchen Leigh

Senior Interior Designer

+1 202 459 4558


Gretchen is a Senior Interior Designer and Team Leader at Collective.  She leads her team through every aspect of the project from Workplace Strategies to Construction.  Her oversight guides the client through articulating their goals and informs her clients of the important decisions and milestones.  Gretchen also serves as the firms LEED and WELL building consultant for clients with these requirements.


Gretchen has 26 years of experience since completing her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from University of Cincinnati.

Marilyn Sheppard



Marilyn has been with Collective since 2012 and is in charge of the Collective PERÚ office since 2016. She is involved in every aspect of projects but especially in making sure they get delivered on time, within the client’s budget and in the best quality of design possible.

Marilyn graduated from Universidad de Mendoza in Argentina and got a Masters in Architecture from Virginia Tech’s WAAC, where she has also taught. She has also studied for different periods of time at Universidad Anahuac in Mexico, UC Berkeley in California, and Bauhaus University in Germany.

Manuel Feijoo



Manuel Feijoo became part and is in charge of the Collective PERÚ office since 2016. Manuel manages the projects in Lima from start all the way through design and construction. He has a strong orientation towards design.

He graduated from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and completed his Masters degree at Virginia Tech’s WAAC.

Carlos Guzman

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Cara Paglia

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Max Cuzmuc

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Mark Wolak

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Edwin Coimbre

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Matt Gannon

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Michelle Gonzales

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Kim Dize

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